You can go to almost any disc jockey website and find a "Frequently Asked Questions" page loaded with all the basic information about disc jockey entertainment in general. However, this F.A.Q. page is dedicated to specific questions that are asked about my services on a regular basis.

Q - You aren’t the most expensive D.J. in town, but you certainly aren’t the cheapest either. How do you come up with your rates?
A – My rates are based on the time I invest in the event. Most potential clients think that my rates are based on the 4 hours of entertainment. I spend approximately 15 to 20 hours on every event that I do.

Q – Why does it take you so long to set up when other disc jockeys do it in half the time?
A – It takes a “basic” disc jockey with a “basic” service, which only includes sound equipment, approximately 20 to 30 minutes to set up. The service that I provide includes my sound system as well as my entire light show for the same price. Most disc jockey’s charge extra for lighting due to the fact that it takes them longer to set up and the equipment is very expensive. The typical rate for a basic light show runs anywhere from $50 to $300 extra. The better the lights, the more you pay.

Q – You always wear a tuxedo at your events while some disc jockeys dress in jeans and a T-shirt. Why?
A – For weddings, my clients spend many hours getting ready for their big day. They spare no expense to look their best. As the entertainment for the biggest day of their lives, I play a huge part in making the day memorable. I feel that it is necessary to look my best as well. I want to show them that I respect them and their guests and also set me apart from the rest of the room.

Q – Why do you use a curtain to hide your equipment for the first half of the event? No other disc jockey service provides this unique touch.
A – By far, this is always one of my favorite questions. Years ago, I noticed that the guests at my events were more interested in what I was doing rather than the bride and groom. This wasn’t acceptable on any level. The equipment that I use is the best that money can buy and is very high tech in appearance. With the curtain in place, the entire room pays attention to my client instead of me. During the first part of the event, my lighting isn’t used so it is not necessary for it to be exposed. I still perform all my duties such as playing background music, introducing the bridal party, and making all appropriate announcements, I just do it from behind my neutral black curtain. When we get ready to do our first event on the dance floor, which is typically the bouquet and garter toss, I push a button on my control panel and the curtain falls to the floor. It is one of the highlights of the evening.

Q – You’re a disc jockey, not a photographer. Why do you take so many pictures and put each individual event on your website for no additional charge?
A – This is an easy one. I noticed most photographers were finished with their service after the last event on the dance floor, usually the dollar dance. After the last event, the dance floor is opened and the guests are invited to join us in a great evening of dancing. This was when some of the greatest memories of the event were taking place and the event wasn’t being captured on film. So, I purchased a really nice SLR digital camera and started taking candid photos of everyone dancing and partying. Not only does my client love this added feature, but potential clients can go to my website and actually see how much fun the guests were having. A picture says a thousand words and can’t lie about my services.

Q – Some disc jockey’s have letters from past clients posted on their website. Why don’t you?
A – This is a good way to tell a potential client how great your services are. I prefer to give potential clients real phone numbers from real clients so you can talk one on one about the service I provided for them at their event. Letters can be faked very easily and nothing compares to talking to an actual previous client.

This is just a few of the many questions I get pertaining to my disc jockey service and by no means covers everything.
Please contact me anytime with your questions or comments.
Thanks! Matt Cross…

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